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Why to study in New Zealand

New Zealand’s relaxed pace of life gives you the time to enjoy everything our vibrant modern cities have to offer. Enjoy live music, theatre, film, dance, free festivals or international sports fixtures, or hang out with your new friends at a cafe, restaurant or bar.Most of its cities and towns are relatively small and uncrowded, making your daily commute easier and faster than back home. Wherever you live, you won’t be far from beaches, parks, walking trails and cycle tracks.


The size of the UK or Japan but with a population of only 4.6 million people, New Zealand gives you room to breathe and the space to be yourself.New Zealand consistently leads world quality of life studies, and we have a great work-life balance. Kiwis believe in balancing a good day’s work or study with time after work and on the weekends to catch up with family and friends, enjoy hobbies and explore nature.

Friendly people

New Zealand is one of the safest and friendliest places you can choose for your studies. In 2017, we were named the world’s second most peaceful country by the Global Peace Index, and in 2016, the world’s least corrupt country by Transparency International’s Corruption Perception index.

Cost of living

New Zealand’s flexible education system has study options to suit every budget. The cost of living is similar to other OECD countries, and is teamed with an excellent work/life balance and a high quality of life.

Quality and standards

New Zealand government agencies monitor the quality of all areas of the education system. This ensures students gain the skills they need and obtain qualifications that are relevant and good value for money. The government’s Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students sets out the fair and ethical practices and support systems our education providers must have before enrolling international students. The code covers international students at all ages and levels of education.


Employers around the world welcome graduates of our education system because of their strong academic qualifications, practical skills and ability to think critically and creatively.From the moment they graduate, our graduates are ready to take their place in the global jobs marketplace. New Zealand is a member of the Lisbon Recognition Convention, which means our certificates, diplomas and degrees are recognised in 50 participating countries. These include the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Australia. Bachelor degrees are widely recognised on the job market by employers, and for enrolment in postgraduate programmes.

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