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Established in the year 2015, with its headquarters in Sydney (Central Business District), EPA Global has since been working tirelessly in shaping its clients’ future. If you wish to study in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, The USA or The UK, sponsor overseas worker(s), get sponsorship, buy/ establish a business, or migrate as a skilled worker, we can help you achieve your goal. With a qualified and professional team of education enthusiasts, the agency is committed towards providing quality service, keeping in mind the confidentiality of clients’ situations. Beginning with the right advice in your home country, until you arrive and start your new founded life in the country of your choice, we will be with you in every stepof your journey. A simple chat with us will make your life a lot easier. Consider us as your guide, mentor and facilitator!

We are Professional!

When making a decision to choose a professional organization or team to help you in your mission, whether be it, study overseas, migration, sponsoring overseas workers or business related matters, it is important you consider many aspects to ensure you are making the right decision and your workload would be taken away by the professionals to make your journey a hassle free. If these people you chose are of diverse backgrounds, local and international experience, highest level of professionalism and integrity and they understand the relevant laws and regulations back to front, it makes your life easier.

We Value Client Satisfaction!

Here at EPA Global, we provide professional help throughout the process until your goal is achieved, not leaving your journey half way through. Everyone at EPA Global is well qualified and most importantly, have the right attitude to help our clients. We put your interests first.

We are Here To Stay!

Maintaining privacy and confidentiality, valuing your time, understanding your business or personal situation and finding legitimate solutions to complex problems are our main motive. We thrive to offer you world-class customer service. We are fully confident, ready and welcoming to make your journey with us an enjoyable, successful, efficient and a productive one.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide the best option to those looking to move to another country to fulfill their education, career and family dreams. We are here to make their dream come true!

Our Commitment

We believe in professionalism so that we can present and consult in the most comfortable but effective way. We also realize that clients tend to observe information and make correct and better decision, therefore,we commit ourselves to build close relationships.

We promise to deliver the best service for each and every client.We do understand that ‘budget’ is a huge barrier that prevents international students to reach their goal. Clients have specific situation and our advice are tailored to suit what is best for them.

We keep good faith on our team, who are the most important assets to keep our organization going and expanding. They always work with the aim of consulting and offering the most appropriate solutions to clients. Our people care for each other and we care for our clients.

Profile of Director

Nishant has over 11 years of experience in the Education industry. He worked as Financial & Business Analyst, Marketing and Student Recruitment and has been establishing pathway programs in different countries. He has been a Registered Migration Agent in Australia since 2006 and has helped many students and migrants to achieve their dreams. He is well versed with analysing trends for international student recruitment and provides advice to develop appropriate student recruitment strategies.

Nishant’s extensive knowledge of international education and migration regulations has enabled him to establish good network with agents across many countries. He believes in providing the best and most economical solution to his clients. His reason to be in education and migration industry is that it allows him to help thousands of people to achieve their goals in life.

Why will you need a Migration Agent and how to choose one?

Every country is governed by its own set of laws and regulations. Advice from friends and family members may be good in certain aspects. However, when it comes to migrating to a country, be it for a short stint or for the long-term, you need to consider the laws of the land and believe us when we say, “they can be complicated”.

Amongst the regulations in Australia, the ones dealing with ‘migration’ are the most dynamic and complex. They define the eligibility criteria for immigration, which may change in no time. Within just a few hours,a change in regulation may affect an individual, who may otherwise have been eligible to migrate. Considering the fact that each individual has a different set of background (education and financial), circumstances and purpose, what may have worked for a friend or family member may not necessarily work for you. It is thus, imperative for you to entrust and choose a Registered Migration Agent, to help you plan your journey.

With over 2,200 Registered Migration Agent Members in Australia and overseas, choosing one for your requirements may not be as easy as it seems. However, considering the following important attributes could help you make your choice:

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