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EPA Global, established in the year 2015, has its headquarters in Sydney. EPA has been working tirelessly to shape the future of its clients.The director Mr. Nishant Maroo is a MARA Agent (MARA number: 0637341) based in Sydney, Australia. He is registeredwith the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority.


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Why study abroad?

Studying abroad has become a very popular phenomenon these days. The reason being that students are aware of the facilities available overseas which are not provided in their home country. The quality of education and the resources available in foreign countries never fail to catch the attention of international students urging them to study there.

Pursuing education abroad has many advantages, from improving the career prospects to enhancing the personality of the individual. It provides a great opportunity to learn about different cultures and interact with people from different origins which leads to the overall growth of a person. The benefits that one can reap from studying abroad are not limited. One can learn a new language, meet new people, make new friends, broaden the way of thinking, make themselves self-dependent and self-sufficient along with intensifying the value of their degree.

It is nothing short of a life changing experience worth having!

Why will you choose a migration lawyer?

Every country is governed by its own set of laws and regulations. Advice from friends and family members may be good in certain aspects. However, when it comes to migrating to a new country, be it for a short stint or for the long-term, you need to consider the laws of the land and believe us when we say, “they can be complicated”.

Amongst the various regulations, the ones dealing with ‘migration’ are the most dynamic and complex. They define the eligibility criteria for immigration, which may change in no time. Within just a few hours,a change in regulation may affect an individual, who may otherwise have been eligible to migrate.

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Are you considering to study a full time course abroad?

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